How to Choose a Cleaning Company For Your Spa Business

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Maintaining a sanitary and clean spa is a critical component to ensuring the success of your business.  Many companies will seek the assistance of professional cleaners to keep their salon spotless.  Professional cleaners will typically come into the spa after hours and clean and disinfect every single area. Of course, you’ll do this between clients, but these cleaning teams will be more thorough.


If you do some research, you will probably find that there are various professional cleaning companies in your town.

Choose wisely. Even though you may be looking to penny pinch, picking the company that charges the least is not necessarily the best option.

Contact some local companies that provide the type of cleaning services your looking for, and ask for a price quote. For this to happen, the company will have to come to your location and provide you with an estimate. They’ll look at various factors, such as the size of your space, to come to a final quote.  Many cleaning companies provide a myriad of commercial cleaning services, including sanitizing the bathroom, dusting, vacuuming, and mopping.   Carpet cleaning may be provided by some a few times a year; however, this service may or may not be included in the price quote. Be sure to ask beforehand.

Ask the company for proof of their insurance.

You want to make sure that you choose a cleaning company that possesses some type of insurance, so that you know for a fact you will not be liable if one of the cleaners becomes hurt on the job.  Make sure to read the contract that is provided to you, thoroughly, before signing it. Many service companies will provide you with a contract to sign prior to any services being rendered. Typically, this contract locks you in for a specified amount of time. The contract should clearly state some type of recourse in case you are not satisfied with the service provided. When you are first choosing a company to work with, picking one that offers a trial offer is a great

Even after you do all of your individual research on professional cleaning companies, before signing on the dotted line, it is best to request references from the company. If a company is of quality, they will be able to provide references from clients that it has worked with.

Contact these references, and ask them questions to gauge the quality and professionalism of the cleaning company.