Pedicures Are One Of Life’s Greatest Pleasures, So Indulge!

Getting a pedicure is one of life’s delightful experiences. This is a relaxing way to spend an hour or two and you’ll come out with beautiful feet. There are many types of pedicures available ranging from the traditional pedicure to a fish pedicure or a margarita pedicure.

Typically, all pedicures involve the same procedures, only the ingredients and perhaps the tools will differ.

The regular or traditional pedicure involves soaking the feet in warm water and then exfoliating and scrubbing the entire foot. The pedicurist will also trim and file the toenails and push back the cuticles. The toenails are then polished.

A french pedicure is much like a french manicure.

This type of pedicure is the same as the traditional pedicure, but the toes are painted with a thin white stripe on the tips. This is followed by a sheer pink or nude color.


An athletic pedicure is nice for those who are active and both women and men enjoy this treatment.

This type of pedicure focuses on relieving pain and relaxing muscles. The pedicure begins with a warm-water soak, then scrubbing and exfoliation. Any calluses on the feet area also removed which can help to relieve pressure during activity. Cooling aromatics are often applied to help soothe tired or sore muscles. The pedicurist may also massage the feet and calf muscles.

A spa pedicure involves lengthier treatment for the foot and toenails.

Most spa pedicures will include a paraffin wax treatment or a glycolic exfoliation. During a paraffin wax treatment, the customer dips their feet into warm wax. The feet are then wrapped in plastic bags. Once the wax cools, it is removed leaving the feet smooth and soft. The glycolic exfoliation is used to remove damaged and dead cells from the feet. This is typically followed by a wax treatment. The spa pedicure may also include a sugar scrub of the calf and feet. Once these treatments are done, the rest of the pedicure is the same as the traditional pedicure.

Another popular type of pedicure is the margarita pedicure.

During this treatment, the feet are soaked in a warm water bath with fresh lime. This is followed by an exfoliation and lime salt scrub. Lime moisturizer is then applied to the feet followed by a traditional pedicure.

Different types of pedicures will be offered by different salons.


Before making an appointment, you should ask which types of pedicures the salon offers to ensure you will be able to get the one you want.